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Brain Bioelectric Activity

Fly Catching in a Cavalier King Charle's Spaniel

Here is a video of a 1yr 5 mo old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel demonstrating stereotypical events sometimes described as a 'fly-biting' or 'fly-catching' syndrome, often seen in this breed. The events occur multiple times throughout the day and can last up to 10 minutes. The dog is otherwise healthy but does exhibit concurrent anxiety-related behaviors. The dog is physically and neurologically normal. All blood work, urinalysis, advanced brain imaging, and CSF analysis are normal.

Fly snapping, fly biting, air biting, or jaw snapping, all describe a syndrome in which dogs appear to be watching something and then suddenly snapping at it. In behavioral medicine, fly biting has been categorized as a hallucinatory, locomotory, or oral (obsessive) compulsive behavior. The differential diagnosis of this behavior also includes CNS diseases, disorders of the special senses and neuropathic pain syndromes.

A big question regarding this condition is whether it represents a focal sensory seizure or a neuropsychiatric abnormality, such as a compulsive disorder.

Read more about this condition by clicking on the link below.

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