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Brain Bioelectric Activity

Nerve Root Signature and Discospondylitis

A 10-year-old mix breed dog presented with a 3-week history of chronic progressive caudal spinal pain. A right-sided pelvic limb lameness was noted which progressed to a nerve root signature affecting this limb at rest. A neurological exam revealed a right pelvic limb proprioceptive deficit, mild decrease of muscle mass and tone proximally and a reduced flexor withdrawal reflex and marked pain over the lumbosacral disc space, localizing the disease to the right-sided L6-S2 nerve roots or spinal nerves.

Radiographs revealed moderate endplate lysis at L7-S1 and MRI revealed a markedly enlarged right-sided L7 nerve root within the foramen along with contrast-enhancing endplates, disc space, and paravertebral musculature.

Read more about nerve root signature and disc disease by clicking on the link below.

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