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Brain Bioelectric Activity

Bilateral Trigeminal Neuropathy in a Dog

A 10 yr old male Labrador retriever presented with 3 day history of dropped jaw, bilateral Horner syndrome and sialorrhea. Neurological examination was suggestive of bilateral CN V motor neuropathy and bilateral sympathetic denervation to the eyes.


MR study showed bilateral symmetrical T2W and FLAIR hyperintense, T1W isointense and non-contrast enhancing lesions affecting the trigeminal nuclei. CSF was normal besides very mild increased in total protein concentration (39 mg/dl). Protozoal titres were negative. This dog made very good spontaneous improvement with return of the ability to close the jaw and improvement in the sympathetic denervation of the eyes after 3 weeks and he is continuing to improve.

A similar case has been reported once in the literature with a presumptive diagnosis of idiopathic trigeminal neuropathy and similar MR changes of the trigeminal nuclei - click below to read.

Courtesy of Dr. Emili Alcoverro at ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists, England.

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