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Brain Bioelectric Activity

Paroxysmal Dyskinesia in a Cat

A 5 yr old male neutered domestic shorthair cat presented for evaluation of a long-standing history of episodes of abnormal limb movements that lasted approximately 5 mins. No prodromal, post-ictal or trigger were associated with these episodes which frequency was very irregular. Mentation during the episode was intact with the cat being responsive to his owner. No autonomic signs were present. Neurological examination, MR study of the brain, and CSF analysis were normal.


The video below was considered suggestive of paroxysmal dyskinesia (PD) based on the above characteristics in terms of duration, type of involuntary motor activity, intact mentation, absence of autonomic signs, prodromal or post-ictal phase. PD is uncommon in cats. Click on the link below to read about PD in Sphynx cats.

Courtesy of Dr. Ana Maria Coehlo at Wear Referrals, UK

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