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Brain Bioelectric Activity

Suspected Acquired Narcolepsy in a Dog

A 3 yr old FN French Bulldog with a three day history of progressive difficulty walking, as seen on the video on the right, with multiple and progressive episodes of sudden loss of extensor tone on all four limbs as well as reported mental dullness and reduced menace in both eyes. No particular link to excitement, food or stress was noted.


Blood profile and cardiovascular examination were normal. CT of the brain and entire spine was unremarkable as was CSF analysis. Partial improvement was also reported to be observed following injection of IV dexamethasone. The video provided with the CT study was suggestive of cataplexy in view of the paroxysmal nature and presence of sudden loss of postural tone. Although CT and CSF were normal, acquired narcolepsy was considered likely, especially in view of the mode of onset and presence of other neurological signs on examination. Immunosuppressive treatment with corticosteroids resulted in partial improvement and after 6 days oral imipramine was added to the treatment resulting in complete resolution of the presenting signs.

Courtesy of Dr. Emma Mace at Bridge Referrals, England.

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