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Websites and Online Resources

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Surface drawings and transverse, horizontal, and sagittal sections of the dog brain digitized from the out-of-print 1962 volume The Anatomy of the Dog Brain in Section by Marcus Singer.

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Veterinary Anatomy Site

University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine veterinary anatomy website with great illustrated cadaver-based anatomy references.

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Veterinary Neuropathology Facebook Site


Facebook site dedicated to sharing neuropathology education from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

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Pet Parent Educators

A fantastic collection of resources to help the pet parent understand and cope with the neurological diseases that their pet has been diagnosed with.

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BVA Chiari Malformation / Syringomyelia Scheme


Information about MRI screening to enable improved breeding program decisions.

Brain Scans

MR Technology Information Portal

Publication based MRI information site covering pulse sequences, artifacts, safety advice and much more.

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AAVR MRI Practice Guidelines

MRI protocols for regional imaging developed by the American College of Veterinary Radiology.

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Canine Brain MRI Atlas

The fantastic University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine site detailing an MRI sectional atlas.

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Neuroanatomy of the Dog


Incredible video tours of the neuroantomatomy of the dog created by Dr. Vicente Aige at the University of Barcelona.

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Vestibular System E-book


Great overview of the neuroanatomy and function of the vestibular system with an introduction to its dysfunction

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Veterinary Rehabilitation Education Site

Tremendous array of resources for up-to-date rehabilitation education


MRI Questions

Concise answers to your MRI technique questions from artifacts to Z-gradients.

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Powered by the NAVC. A website providing RACE-approved continuing education with plenty of neurology related topics.

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Multiple neurology topics presented in blog format suitable for owners of neurological patients.

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