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Other Podcasts & Webinars


A Spectrum of Care Approach to Neurology


Simon Platt and Dr. Andy Roark dive into neurology’s challenges, emphasizing individualized care and accessible diagnostics. 

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Anticonvulsants in Veterinary Medicine


Simon Platt with VETgirl discuss some anticonvulsant pearls.

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All About Vestibular Disease


Simon Platt with Clinician's Brief talks about evaluation of the head tilt patient

Image by Volodymyr Tokar


VETgirl Neurology Podcasts

Image by Michael Soledad


Idiopathic Epilepsy


Clinical approach and treatment - Simon Platt with VetFolio

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Treating Epilepsy in Dogs 


Simon Platt & Laurent Garosi with Vet Times Extra discuss an overview of seizure mamangement

Image by Alice


Seizure Vs. Syncope 


Dr Heidi Barnes Heller with Clinician's Brief discusses how to determine which one you are dealing with.

Image by Robina Weermeijer

Other Webinars

Imaging Chiari-like Malformation

A fantastic series of YouTube lectures on Chiari malformation by Dr. Clare Rusbridge, with the one below on imaging evaluation. A great way to get a thorough understanding of the latest information on this prevalent disorder. Click on the link above for access to the rest of the series.

SEVN Webinar Series

Southeast Veterinary Neurology presents clinical overviews of common neurological challenges. Below is a recent review of vestibular dysfunction. Click on the link above for access to the rest of the series.

Brain or Mind?

Zomedica University presents a conversation with Dr Fred Wininger & Dr Christopher Pachel focussed on the similarities and differences between neurological and behavioural presentations.

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