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Brain Bioelectric Activity

A lumbar intervertebral disc extrusion in a cat

A 7-year-old domestic long-haired cat presented with an acute onset of ambulatory paraparesis and general proprioceptive ataxia. The cat was plantigrade at rest and had reduced postural reactions in both pelvic limbs, more marked on the right. The patella reflex was bilaterally intact to increased and both pelvic limbs exhibited weak flexor withdrawal reflexes. The tail was paretic and there was reduced anal tone with a reduced perineal reflex. The cat was markedly painful on manipulation of the lumbar region.

An L6-Cd lesion localisation was suspected and MRI confirmed a right-sided L5-L6 extradural intervertebral disc extrusion (see the MRI pictures).

A right-sided hemilaminectomy at L5-L6 was performed to decompress the cord at this site and at a 10 day recheck the cat's ambulation had improved as had the reflexes and anal tone. The cat was also completely comfortable.

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