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Brain Bioelectric Activity

Feeding-Induced Cataplexy in a Dog

A 5-year-old Labrador cross presented with a recent onset of collapsing while being fed and dullness. The collapse as shown on the video was characterised by a sudden fall to the floor with a quick recovery and a return to eating while appearing to remain awake.


CT study showed a large extra-axial mass arising from the pituitary fossa, heterogeneously contrast-enhancing with multiple internal hypodense areas representing fluid or necrosis. This mass was associated with marked compression of the thalamus.

Stereotactic radiotherapy has been shown to result in a reduction of the mass and coincident resolution of the cataplectic attacks. The pathophysiology remains speculative and may involve a disruption in the downstream signaling of hypocretin secondary to an intracranial mass effect or a potential change in ICP as the dog lowers its head to reach the food bowl.

Courtesy of Gilabbey Veterinary Hospital in Cork, Ireland

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